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171008 Make Visible – Butoh Dance Workshop Basel w/ Moeno Wakamatsu

“Make Visible”

Dance is like an apparition. It appears as if out of a void. It does not explain, nor make meaning, nor bring salvation, but it makes appear a world that is ordinarily invisible.

A large part of our reality is invisible to us because it is outside of our perception. We cannot see what we do not know, but the imperceptible can sometimes manifest itself as a phenomenon. Like a ripple on water by an invisible wind, the unseen has a way to make itself known. This phenomenon, when it occurs through our body, is dance.

This kind of dance is not about ideas and concepts, but it is a true observation of where we are, and who we are.

This workshop introduces a concrete physical approach towards this way of dancing, through various physical, sensory, imagery exercises and guidance.

Some foundation subjects will be: 1. Shift in time. 2. Training the body as a ‚whole self’, the thinking Body. 3. Emergence of motivation, Intense listening. 4. Meaning of externalizing a dance as well as the role of the consciousness and intention.

Suitable for all Ages. Newcomers welcome.

Keine speziellen Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.

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