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Saturday Mai 13 2017 [April 5 1972 – 2017]

.gif(t) Say NO to Digital Rights Managment

„The anonymous Individual […] has devoted 1,500 words (!!!) to documenting all the ways in which Apple’s signature walled-garden approach to technology has created an Apple Home IoT platform that is not only manifestly totally broken, but also can’t be fixed until Apple decides to do something about it — and once you opt for Apple, you can forget about plugging in anything Apple hasn’t greenlit, meaning that your choice of smartphone will determine what kind of toaster and lightswitch you’re allowed to connect to your smarthome.“                                                                                                                                                                  Source boingboing.net

The proposed change to the Web takes the form of a draft technical standard called [EME (Encrypted Media Extensions)][11], which specifies a new way for DRM to integrate with the Web. Netflix, Apple, Google, and Microsoft require users to run DRM software on their computers to stream videos, and if Tim Berners-Lee uses his power as director of the [W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)][12] to make EME an official Web standard, it will become cheaper and easier for them to deploy massive DRM systems across browsers and devices.

Netflix, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are dead-set on EME. They are powerful and their membership dues provide money to the W3C. But we *can* stop them if we show Tim Berners-Lee that the Web’s users—whom both he and EME’s proponents ultimately rely on—will not tolerate a Web that puts corporate interests above their own security and rights.


SAY NO to Digital Rights Managment

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