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Il Mero – Baba de Plata re-loaded, Madrid Spain 21 April – 9 Mayo 2016

The Theory of Confusion_01

towards a migrant body ecclectic.


I’m a dancer. I’m a performer.

To come to speak of my motivation as a performer or as a dancer, as the problems or conceptions of space through the articulation of the body. In short,

Hypothesis 1) Social Media have replaced the function of the Theater, under the auspices of Interactivity.

2) What is the Male Gaze?! What is its role in the play or coordination and structuring of signification of that Interactivity and can there be thought of alternative models of perception – collaboration – articulation.

P11002943) […]

Whereas as a dancer, I’m inclined to award the articulation of space through the body the advantage of a doubt or autonomy, over the notion or theory articulated through the Zizekian concept of Interpassivity, I nonetheless would like to relate a few examples from my dance practice, I feel utterly inadequate, but that re-occur quite frequently in response to the urgent need of the rearticulation of space under mediated conditions. For example what we don’t need in this articulation, is yet another animal or deer metaphor, with which to guide our actions and choreograph our performative space. Needless to add, most everyone of us as practitioners or dancers, are city dwellers. Our horizon of perception, is that of an urban environment and there’s absolutely no use, in relating things that belong to problems of the body or the outside environment, as something either natural or appertain some animalistic or „wild“ quality to it.

P1100292What we would need instead, is a truly alternative or in-betweenness, where the field of signification, is neither closing in on the passivity of the viewer as in classical theater, nor resolves it’s paradoxically antagonistic state of selfhood prematurely, in the notion of technologically coordinated and either algorythmically or narratively structured Interactivity as for instance, is more often deployed with the idea of „flow“ in Game Theory, but accentuates and please excuse my use of wording, more radically it’s true ambivalence in a scope and breadth, that maybe entirely inept at times, as it raises more questions, construes more conflict, than it can resolve or answer at best.

P1100296This Space of In-Betweeness I feel, is nothing else than the idea of con-fusion.

P1100326My motivation to dance are Sincerity, Curiosity and Vulnerability.

P1100322As we rid our bodies of it’s prejudice thru for instance body training or exercise.

P1100320We try to observe public space in dance and dance in public space.

P1100319In-between Dance Cultures – On a Migrating Identity on behalf of the Migratory Artistic Identity of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, the Author Guy Cools writes:

-to act, to perform, to lose oneself into the world, to dis-identify, to decompose the boundaries of the „difference machine“. Fusion suggest blending together, eliminating and erasing the differences. Confusion, by contrast, is fusion to a higher degree, where you recognize and accept the differences, letting them co-exist and influence each other.

[Antennae Press, Valiz Amsterdam: pg54/55.]


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