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April – Mai 2015 Butoh Epauviller – Landschaft – Objekt – [Sprachbegriff] Membrane Meme


with fist closed slowly opening in five minutes


Audio Track: Was ist Raum, was ist Landschaft?


In jeder Gestalt, in die sich ein Ding oder ein Wesen kleidet, strebt die Materie danach, von Neuem zu Licht zu werden.

Massimo Scaligero



Audio Track: Changing our Self, changing our texture.

If you dance you can also create a world, create a landscape within and outside.

Moeno Wakamatsu

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_Flavia_Landschaftabove: Flavia Ghisalberti

A Materiality of the body as landscape to come out of curiousity and endurance.

below: Ezio Tangini



How to do density with less contact, how to keep the balance without effort.



above: Pit [Schiller] Godsend



Audio Track: Layer after layer. Little blades cut and shred away.


above: Sabin Immerda

The Problem is how to erase. Usually when we erase, we appear.

                                                                                                                   Moeno Wakamatsu


above: Sten Ferel

Layer after layer, ten thousand little tiny blades across.


above: Lore Ley alias Caroline Lanz


Audio Track: How to erase the Eyes? You become thinner.


from above: Daniel Marti

She takes a large blade to her blak fured cat. Like a fish right down the middle, from head to tail, along it’s spine, she skins off the cat, in flesh, like fish, in a long black veil leaving the flesh like a fresh burn mark on your skin, light and airy, sending chilling tingles through the vertebrae and skin glistening like black rubber on vaseline.

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_Sten_Ferel_05not too slow, not too fast, change all the surface feeling into […]

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_Sten_Ferel_06you can keep things pure, but […]


Audio Track: To bring some poison into the mix.

 to a forward pull

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_godsend_01there’s a heaviness


to not take granted certain movement

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_Sten_Ferel_07create a landscape within 7′


A dead leaf at the bottom of a lake.

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_Sabin_01A breath enters this body of dead leaf 


Audio Track: While rising as dead leaf, you create outside landscape.

forgetting how to rise,…

150411_Epauviller_Performance_Parcours_godsend_Feetor how to give freshness to the work.


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