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Thursday September Eleven, two-thousand and fourteen


 «Remember what the Truth IS Saying About Me, about You, about US!» [#d6297d]


October 08. 2014  Nachtrag, Serving as a Reminde, perhaps…

A recent article I read I would like to share the Epilogue of which with you today, shows just how short term our (my) memory is on the abysmal cycles of cruelty endorsed by the media. [#2c90c9]

„I want only to point out that once again, ISIS’ brutality did not emerge in a vacuum; rather, it is part of a whole ecology of cruelty spread out over more than a decade.

Perhaps a decapitation is more cruel than blowing a body to bits with a high-caliber machine gun, incinerating it with a remote-controlled drone, or burning and lacerating it with a barrel bomb. But even if we limit ourselves to close-up, low-technology brutality, ISIS beheadings are hardly out of place.

The earliest video-taped decapitation of an American citizen in Iraq was conducted by ISIS’ predecessors in 2004 in response, they claimed, to the photographed and video-recorded torture, rape, and murder of detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison. In 2011, it emerged that some American soldiers in Afghanistan had been hunting civilians for sport and collecting their fingers and teeth as souvenirs. In the sectarian bloodshed that engulfed Iraq after the U.S. invasion, beheadings by Sunni insurgents turned into a morbid form of reciprocity with Shi‘a militiamen who bore holes into their victims using power drills.“ [#21b5a9]

by Alireza Doostdar

See the article in full: http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/19485/how-not-to-understand-isis


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